Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ice Cream Party

On Leo's actual birthday we had some of his friends from the neighborhood over for some ice cream. Thank you Austin, CJ, Jackson, Ethan, Emily and Luke for coming over. I never did really thank you guys we really appreciated it and your friendship.

Thumbs up

blowing out candles for the second time

I asked CJ to show me his craziest face and this was it
As you can tell Leo loves his ice cream
This is Austin showing me his missing teeth

Leo's 2nd Birthday!

Yes, I know what a bad mom Iam because Iam just posting this now and Leo's birthday was Sept. 29th. But, what do you do.
We had our family over for Leo's birthday and it was a lot of fun. We have 9 grandchildren on Kurtis' side and Kylie and Max came too so we had a house full of kids. I made my very first birthday cake or cup cakes and yes you are right, those are Sesame Street characters. Leo loved all of his gifts and had a good time playing with everyone. But we did have a rough morning that day: We were ready to leave for church and when I went to get Leo I found him in the living room watching TV and putting Balmx in his hair. And I don't just mean a little bit I mean pretty much the whole tube. Thanks to Kurtis, Leo is always watching him put lotion and conditioner in his hair to style it ( don't ask) Leo thought well why not Balmx, dad probably puts it in his hair too. So, Kurtis and I spent about 45min. combing peanut butter through his hair and then we finally diluted Windex and combed it through and it finally started coming out. Poor Leo had had it with that comb he went right to bed after because he was exhausted from crying. So anyways these are really out of order, I never can get then how I want but oh well.


This posting is long over due. We were invited to Kathy's 60th surprise birthday party and let me tell you she had absolutely no idea that about 60 people were there to celebrate her birthday with her. It was such a fun night and I just wanted to tell Kathy and her family how much I love them and are so grateful that I can consider them family. My dad and Kathy use to date so the first time I met Kathy I was in 11th grade. Kathy and her family took my dad my brother, Nolan, and myself in as if we were all family. Some of my greatest memories were at the Morris' home playing cards until 2 am, laughing, my dad telling jokes and all of us just basically having a blast! I want Kathy to know how much I love her. Her strength to endure trials and her dedication to the gospel are what I strive for in my own life. I will forever be grateful for the wonderful example she was to my dad in expressing the importance of going through the temple. And because of her example I will always have the memory of my dad sitting in the sealing room on my wedding day and knowing how proud he was of me and more importantly how proud I was of him. She is such a remarkable women and is full of a wonderful spirit and I hope to be like her. I love you and I am glad we were able to share that special day with you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

leo and Kurtis watching football. Leo had to wear these glasses and of course he isn't dressed. ( I swear people probably think I never dress leo)

the boys

Here are some pictures of the boys just hangingout together.


So, here is our new kitten that kurtis got while I was at work! He tried to lie and tell me Leo found it under our deck, but Kurtis' dad blew is cover and I found out he got it off of KSL (of course). Leo loves him so much and wants to play with him nonstop. So, I have to say it is alot better than I thought having a cat. The only thing is we dont have a name for the cat, any suggestions?

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Leo and Ethan eating macaroni. Ethan thank you for being such a great friend!