Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ice Cream Party

On Leo's actual birthday we had some of his friends from the neighborhood over for some ice cream. Thank you Austin, CJ, Jackson, Ethan, Emily and Luke for coming over. I never did really thank you guys we really appreciated it and your friendship.

Thumbs up

blowing out candles for the second time

I asked CJ to show me his craziest face and this was it
As you can tell Leo loves his ice cream
This is Austin showing me his missing teeth


Roger and Kelli Proctor said...

Leo is one cool kid, we like him! Thanks for having us over, you guys are so awesome! Oh and that face CJ is making is pretty crazy, haha!

k8e said...

CUTE family picture! I love it! YOu are one hot mama! :o)

Sherri said...

Hey! I love your new family picture, you guys are so dang cute!

I really liked the Sesame Street cupcakes you made for Leo's birthday party. You did a great job. I have never been brave enough to tackle something cute like that. My kids get the ol' reliable Betty Crocker 9x13 pan of goodness.

I have to ask you one question though, who is your friend with the incredibly huge hand holding the baby carrier at your friend Kathy's surprise party? Poor girl, I bet she was teased a lot as a child.

Annie said...

I like your new Family Picture. Stacy did call me too the other day. I guess I missed it. We will have to get together soon.

Kristy and Jesse Wright said...

Girl Dan gave me your blog! I hope you don't mind? I'm so happy I found ya I've been trying to figure out how to get ahold of you! you've been M.I.A. where ya living? I think about ya all the time,and miss ya like crazy I hope everythings good your boys are so cute love ya kris

Erik and Katherine said...

So I don't know if you ever check your blog, but I found it through Katie Rammel's after I saw you in one of her pictures! Your boys are darling and it's good to see you~